Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Unofficial Joe Rules Part 3

More Rules to Live By:

21: Never fight a Robot without Backup
22: If Cobra blames a Joe for something, it will be Snake-Eyes, 99.9999% of the time.
23: Remeber, Nothing In life is certain but Death and Taxes, and even Death has been known to make mistakes.
24: Rank is nice.... but the respect of your team mates means more than all the stars on your shoulder boards (Hawk is worth more than all the 5 stars ever)
25: If your team mates are running in one direction, follow, don't stop to see what is chasing them.
26: Lasers are cool, Bombs are Great, but when you really, really need to stop something in their tracks... Say it with Napalm. Or a Ninja, which ever is more available.
27: There are some jobs, even a Ninja can not do.
28: Never go off mission... without a damned good reason!
29: When Visiting your Realtives at some small town in Mid America, always bring a friend, prefferably one that can pull your butt out of the fire, when it is discovered Cobra runs the town.
30: Never Dwell on Mistakes you made last week, month, or even 20 years ago. Dwell on the Mistake you are making now, by dwelling on mistakes in the past. The past, while it sucks at time, can not hurt you near as much as the Viper Squad sneaking up on you.

More in the future.

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