Monday, May 12, 2008

More Joe Rules

Shana here, back with more Rules to live by Joes.

31: Love your Doctor.
32: Always Listen to your Medic
33: Never allow the Mission's only medic to get hurt
34: Your Doctor is always right... if in doubt, consult Rule 3.
35: Never Crush on Snake-Eyes' Girlfriend. He gets mean.
36: The Medic is your friend.
37: Even if the Medic doesn't like you, he is your friend.
38: The Medic is *THE MOST IMPORTANT* person on any Mission
39: A Medic is like an older sister... Always on your case about something, but you still have to love them.
40: NEVER, Ever, shoot a Cobra Medic... unless he is offering to fix your wounds... especially a broken leg, with no morphine!

Yes, you might have noticed a theme... I've spent alot of time in Medical lately, and thought I'd throw them some love... And before you ask, #35 is to keep you OUT of Medical... when Snake-Eyes gets mean, he normally hurts someone...

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