Saturday, May 3, 2008

Unofficial Joe Rules Part 1

It has come into my brain lately, especially with all the new recruits, that we need to get 'The Unofficial List of the Rules for Surviving a Day in the Joe Team' out into circulation, so, what I am going to do, is start posting them to the blog here, and let people discuss them, if they wish.

Rule 1: Never Piss off Snake-Eyes when he has a Sword in his hand.
Rule 2: Ignore any and all strange noises coming from Clutch's Quarters.
Rule 3: Always listen to Shana, it'll keep you alive.
Rule 4: When Beach Head is down wind of you, feel happy, when he is upwind, you know where he is, so you can get away faster.
Rule 5: Never bet against Ace in Poker, or the Air.
Rule 6: If Airtight is running from a room, STAY OUT!
Rule 7: If Duke says jump, Try to jump to the moon.
Rule 8: If it hisses like a Cobra, looks like a Cobra or used to be a Cobra, trust it not.
Rule 9: NEVER turn down one of Roadblock's meals, or his assistance in battle. Either way you'll miss something awesome.
Rule 10: When at a loss for words, yell Yo Joe!

More rules will be forthcoming, comment on these if you like, just remember, they are the rules, and you MUST obey them.

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