Sunday, May 4, 2008

Unofficial Joe Rules Part 2

More rules for you newer Joes:

11: When Snake-Eyes speaks (Yes, it happened ONCE), HIDE. Something bad is about to happen to a small Country.

12: Never bring a sword to a gun fight, unless you are a ninja. (Or a Ninja in training)

13: Never bring a Gun to a sword fight, unless you are NOT a Ninja, or a ninja in training.

14: If you have to ask if you can be a ninja, chances are, you can not.

15: 4:30 AM Hand-to-Hand Combat courses are good for Discipline.

16: When invading a Terrordrom, or other Cobra Base, always know where the Ventilator shafts go. Not only might you escape, but you might see a Cobra High Command Member in the buff. (Snap pictures, so you can sell them on EBay)

17: When BATS go crazy is NOT a Reality show about Flying Mammals... it is a dangerous situation.

18: If you have to stump Sci-Fi, you are a nerd.

19: Just because someone looks dead, doesn't mean they are. Approach all bodies with caution... especially those of Ninjas.

20: If your deodorant is Deisel Fumes and Motor Oil, Do NOT look to Clutch as an idol. He's a Pig. We all know that, and we have come to accept HIM.... No one else is allowed to be him.

Look for more Later, but remember, Rule #3 can save your life. Heed it.

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Scarlett said...

Ooops, stupid fingers. A typo on 18. It should read: IF YOU ARE ABLE TO STUMP SCI-FI on a Science Fiction Question. YOU ARE A NERD!