Friday, October 17, 2008


Yes, I've been gone awhile. No, I won't tell you where. Classified, of course.

Now, just when I get back, I get to volunteer to lead a mission, and let me just say: Thanks a lot Flint!

As soon as I get back, maybe I'll make some more rules for ya.

More Rules to Live By

More Rules for the Joes:

41: If Flint starts contemplating a Mission, Volunteer, before he volunteers you.
42: If Duke is not in the PIT, and you hear a Radio message asking for Volunteers, answer it. Duke throws the best Jungle Parties.
43: Ace won't take sucker bets.
44: If you think Cobra is around, turn down your iPod.
45: If you don't think Cobra is around, turn down your iPod.
46: Just turn the damned iPod down!
47: DVR's can record your favorite Television Shows when you are on a mission.
48: Missing a Television Show is not a reason to stay behind on a mission.
49: When Shipwreck gets out of the water, follow. Something nasty is coming up from the depths.
50: Never play with Fire when Barbeque is around... Wet clothing and funny smells will only follow.