Monday, April 28, 2008

Some people are dense

Some people, and I'm not going to mention names..... O.K., I lied, Snake-Eyes, Sci-Fi, and Kamakura (Just to name a few), REALLY need to learn that trying to leave the Infirmary, or even failing to report to the Infirmary, after an injury, is a bad idea. It is really starting to bugg me what these... supposed adults... think they can get away with.

Maybe I should recommend to Hawk that all personal, no matter the injury, are required to report to the Infirmary, and follow Doctor's orders, or be put up on charges? Maybe have their pay docked?

Ah hell, Shana, why do you bother anymore?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

All Good

Well, yet another exciting time in the skies. Thursday, or so, I was flying around New England, and damned if another Decepticon wasn't playing in our Airspace. I engaged the thing, and yet another Decepticon has run from the power of the Joint Strike Fighter. I have personally taken three down, and honestly, I am starting to wonder why they bother. Coldsnap is the latest victim, and if it comes back, I think I'll enjoy doing it again.

Either the Decepticons are not building as good of soldiers, or our technology is getting better, or, perhaps the most important, our people are getting better. I suppose it could be a combination of all three, as well.

But no matter.

I want to thank Wraith for allowing me to take her CAP (Combat Air Patrol), otherwise, she would have gotten all the fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh Wow oh Wow!

Hey ya'll. Shana here again. I actually have something to write about tonight. Would you believe that Sci-Fi was spotted going out with a GIRL? I know, amazing isn't it... Our Lovable geek might just have found someone, or so the Scuttlebutt goes. Some Greenshirts saw him cuddling with a woman, than leaving the Base with the same woman. All I can say is GO Sci-Fi!

It's about time someone saw through his persona, and saw the good guy that is inside him... now, if I can just find out who it is, all will be right with the world... well, as best they can be, what with people with different brains inside their heads... I got lucky, I guess. My brain is still in my body, or my body and brain are still together, or whatever.

Back to Sci-Fi... The woman is a pilot, supposedly, and with only a few female pilots on the team, it should narrow things down, but she was also described as a Red head... and I can only think of one, but Wraith is the Ice Queen, would she melt for Sci-Fi? I just don't see it... It would be good for both of them, but... No. Can't be here. Have to check with Mainframe, have him check the Records, and see if we got any new pilots assigned lately.... Oh wait, hell... it COULD be Wraith, now that I think about it... did anyone check to see if her body was still being run by her mind? Another thing to look into... Life is starting to suck with this mindswap crap... Someone figure out how to reverse it, and FAST!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Scarlett's First Attempt

OK, not quite sure how I let people talk me into this... but hi. I'm Shana O'Hara, some call me Scarlett.... You know who you are, Seymore!

So, a little bit about myself? I am just a southern girl, forced by my job to be other than what I appear. What is my job you ask? I am a member of the U.S. Army. So, still interested in me?

Good... I am not going to tell you anything about my job at the moment, other than to say, well, to be frank, it involves Saving Lives, and that is all that matters to me.

More later, when I figure out what a BLOG is...