Sunday, April 27, 2008

All Good

Well, yet another exciting time in the skies. Thursday, or so, I was flying around New England, and damned if another Decepticon wasn't playing in our Airspace. I engaged the thing, and yet another Decepticon has run from the power of the Joint Strike Fighter. I have personally taken three down, and honestly, I am starting to wonder why they bother. Coldsnap is the latest victim, and if it comes back, I think I'll enjoy doing it again.

Either the Decepticons are not building as good of soldiers, or our technology is getting better, or, perhaps the most important, our people are getting better. I suppose it could be a combination of all three, as well.

But no matter.

I want to thank Wraith for allowing me to take her CAP (Combat Air Patrol), otherwise, she would have gotten all the fun.

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