Monday, April 28, 2008

Some people are dense

Some people, and I'm not going to mention names..... O.K., I lied, Snake-Eyes, Sci-Fi, and Kamakura (Just to name a few), REALLY need to learn that trying to leave the Infirmary, or even failing to report to the Infirmary, after an injury, is a bad idea. It is really starting to bugg me what these... supposed adults... think they can get away with.

Maybe I should recommend to Hawk that all personal, no matter the injury, are required to report to the Infirmary, and follow Doctor's orders, or be put up on charges? Maybe have their pay docked?

Ah hell, Shana, why do you bother anymore?


Snake Eyes said...

For the record, I always go to the infirmary, I just don't stay very long.


Scarlett said...

HA! Funny Snake.... FUNNY!