Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Rules

Rule 51: Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat MIGHT get the smell of Dreadnok off you.... MIGHT
Rule 52: When in Doubt about a Rule, See Rule #3
Rule 53: Some missions suck, no matter what you do. Just move on.
Rule 54: When you have to drop in on someone, HALO gets you there with a rush
Rule 55: NEVER, I can not Stress this enough, NEVER Leave your own weapons behind when you infiltrate an enemy facility. Just disguise yours to look right.
Rule 56: Action Film Physics, while nice, do not work in the real world.
Rule 57: The drink of choice, is Yo-Joe Cola
Rule 58: Cold Slither is NOT a good Band.
Rule 59: Dating a Ninja can lead to lonely nights.
Rule 60: Dating a Soldier WILL lead to Lonely Nights.

More coming soon. I hope

1 comment:

BZero said...

What do you mean, "Cold Slither isn't a good band?" (hides his vinyl Cold Slither LPs)